Knitted wire mesh components are formed or pressed into various shapes such as discs, cylinders, rings or squares that are widely used in automotive and industrial applications for filtration, sealing, anti-Vibration, Sound Attenuation and heat absorption. Knitted wire mesh components can virtually be produced in any size, shape, or density to enable easy assembly, riveting or spot welding, keeping costs to a minimum. Common shapes of knitted wire mesh are: ring, disc, cylindrical, rectangular, square, cube, strips, etc.
As a result of its interlocking loop construction, knitted wire mesh offers unique properties for absorbing shock and vibration. It also provides dramatically improved performance in hostile environments because of the use of stainless steel or other special alloys. Knitted wire mesh can resume 90% of its original shape because of its unique spring like structure.
Not only does knitted wire mesh provide superior performance-with an extra measure of protection against shock and vibration-but it can be fabricated from any material that can be drawn into a wire form. The most common knitted materials are stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and Inconel. Knitted wire mesh has a large surface area of wire that is excellent for absorbing sound vibrations from a highly controllable percentage of free sound deadening space. The density of the knit may also be controlled from 30 to 70%-permitting constructions of widely varying compression characteristics. When sound energy enters a knitted wire mesh element, the sound energy is absorbed into the wire structure, making the wire vibrate and converting the sound to thermal energy.



Please Specify: Bulk Rolls: Metal Alloy, Roll Width, Roll Length, Wire Diameter, Density, If Crimping Or Corrugation Is Required And Order Quantity.